This page provides details of COA Technical Guidance (TG) Documents. The Documents may be downloaded from the links (bottom-right of page)

TG01 – COA Criteria for Cargo-Worthy

TG01 provides guidance for the structural condition of an ISO Dry Freight General Purpose container when the container assessed as acceptable for transport on a one-way trip as a shipper owned container (SOC). CCW includes guidance on both damage assessment and the appropriate repair method.

The major shipping lines and lessors took part in the process to ensure the acceptability of CCW. This included widespread consultation, conference discussion and an in-depot practical demonstration. To facilitate uniform implementation of CCW, container inspectors should receive training by the container owner’s representative or training within the scope of in-depot management learning session.

CCW damage criteria is very similar to UCIRC. CCW repair guidance provides for alternative remedial works. For ease of reference a comparison chart is shown below.

TG02 – COA Guidance for In-Depot Testing of Replacement Container Floorboards

TG02 is for in-depot testing of replacement floorboards for containers. It describes a test procedure designed to be undertaken within a depot to assess that replacement floor boards conform to the required specification for use in the repair of ISO Dry Freight General Purpose containers.

TG03 – COA Guidance for Shipper-Owned Containers (SOC)

TG03 provides guidance for shippers and their agents, when presenting Shipper Owned Containers (SOC’s) for acceptance by Shipping Lines (Carriers). SOC Acceptance Guidance for shippers is required because the a shipper-owned container is not operated by the shipping line and therefore the container condition is beyond the control of the shipping line.

The shipper should ensure that their Shipper-Owned Container meets the provisions of TG01 – COA Criteria for Cargo-Worthy (or equivalent criteria) – and examined to the requirements of the IMO Convention for Safe Containers (CSC).