Unified Data Model for Reefer Data Exchange

  • Industry Consultation Process

The COA’s Reefer Telematics Work Group has developed a Unified Data Model (UDM), to provide a single, global definition of data related to reefer containers – a ‘Reefer Data Classification Schema’.

The purpose of this Data Model is to enable the exchange of information on refrigerated containers in a uniform way – independent of the model and manufacturer. Data exchange by using the standard data model introduced in this document will provide refrigerated container operators (having mixed fleets of different reefer machinery) the convenience of accessing relevant data – without the complexity of accessing them with different formats and means.

The document will be published in April, after Industry Consultation with relevant stakeholders. A webinar was organised when the aims of the UDM were explained to participants, with details of the process of how the document has been developed, how it will be used in the future – and how the Schema will benefit reefer container operators and owners.

To view the UDM – Click HERE
To view a recording of the webinar – Click HERE

The benefit for the shipping industry is a standard for reefer data exchange formats, thereby removing barriers and making it easier for data “consumers” to build value added services for reefer container operations. The end product will be a definition of ‘Reefer Data Classification Schema’ for reefer containers, with the benefits to owners as follows

  • It means that the device is “decoupled” from the container investment
  • Container owners can make independent decisions on devices
  • Data that owners introduce into their systems will follow a common structure and rules
  • Higher data integrity and compliance – regardless of device
  • Standard data set and unified definitions/properties
  • Removes barriers to develop app’s with 3rd party data
  • Minimize impact on IT teams: single data model