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Hilton Hotel, Rotterdam – Monday 11 November 2024

As part of the COA initiative to support IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention Sea Containers Task Force), the COA is co-organising a Symposium in Rotterdam on Monday 11 November, the day before Intermodal Europe 2024. It will be organised in conjunction with the IPPC, the World Shipping Council and BIC.

Entitled “Optimizing Container Design to Mitigate Risks of Pest Contamination in the International Containerized Supply Chain”, the Symposium will study a range of matters relating to container design, including ways to reduce crevices that are not easily cleaned and might harbour pest infestations.

The symposium has two primary objectives:

  • to develop actionable strategies for achieving the specific recommendations identified in CPM Recommendation 06, i.e. the recommendation related to cracks, gaps and crevices; the recommendation to use light-colored coatings for undercarriages; and the recommendation to cease the use of bitumastic undercarriage coatings in new production.
  • to collectively consider and formulate other actionable design proposals, such as improvements to the design of the undercarriage and of vents, which can contribute to further risk reduction.

The Symposium and post-Event Reception will be open to all COA Members.

To view the Invitation Letter from the IPPC, with Registration details, click on this link: IPPC SYMPOSIUM.