Conference Presentations

  • 2. COA Flexitank Webinar 25 May 2022 Qingdao LET
  • 4. COA Flexitank Webinar 25 May 2022 COA
  • 3. COA Flexitank Webinar 25 May 2022 Overmeer Logistics
  • 1. COA Flexitank Webinar 25 May 2022 Hengxin

“Best practice in the Environmental Disposal and Recycling of Flexitanks” and “Flexitank Quality Conformance” were the topics of the COA Flexitank Webinar, held on 25 May 2022, attended by 85 persons.

The Opening address was made by COA Chairman Uffe Ernst-Frederiksen (Maersk Line) during which he reviewed the progress that had been made in recent years.

Subsequent speakers provided an insight into the recycling of flexitanks, highlighting the fact that many shippers and consignors are not supportive of the costs to recycle. However, one pilot recycling scheme in the UK was presented.

The COA will continue to promote and encourage environmentally-acceptable disposal of flexitanks.