Conference Presentations

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Over 200 delegates attended the 9th COA General Meeting on Monday 28 November. The meeting included Working Group Sessions, focusing on the progress of the COA’s Working Groups and Divisions:

Container Depots
Alternative Materials
Cargo Incident Notification System
Copies of the presentations in these sessions will be put on the website shortly

Contaminated Refrigerant Gases
The Conference concluded with a special session, aimed at clarifying the situation relating to contaminated/counterfeit refrigerant gases and intended to enable container owners and reefer service organisations to understand the problems and to find out how these issues can be tackled.

The Panel comprised representatives from the four leading container refrigeration machinery manufacturers (Carrier Transicold, Daikin Industries and Star Cool), together with specialist reefer consultancy Cambridge Refrigeration Technology. A copy of the CRT presentation is shown in the panel above.