Conference Presentations

Report on COA Activities 2010/2011
Report on Korea Branch Activities
Report on Cargo Incident Notification System
Patrick Hicks
Secretary Container Owners Association

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Widening the Panama Canal: Impact on Container Shipping
Oscar Bazan
Marketing Manager
Panama Canal Authority

Trends in Container Ports and Handling Technology
James Huang
Director, Transport & Logistics
Equipment Bureau Veritas

The Yangtze River as a Multimodal Artery
Jon Monroe
Jon Monroe Consulting

Evolution of rail container traffic in China
Frederic Campagnac
Transport Consultant
Clevy China

Container developments in India
Biswanath Bose
Seabreeze Marine Engineers and Consultants

Container manufacturing: current status, future challenges
Angela Wang
Vice President
Dong Fang International Container

Update on ISO Container Standards
Jørn Heerulff
Convener of TC104/SC4/WG3
Vice President and Nordic NRO
Bureau International des Containers (BIC)

Technology innovation presentations

Cosco Kansai Coatings
3M China
Future Box
COA Initiatives: Divisional Developments
A. Container Depot Division
Depot industry: time for global co-operation?

North America Perspective
Mike Baldwin
ConGlobal Industries Inc

Belgium Perspective
Marc Van Hoeydonck
President, Belgian Container Depots Association
GM Depots, Inchcape Shipping Service

China Perspective
Oliven Liu Dongwha
Container Transportation

B. Container Suppliers Division
Common issues for container equipment suppliers
Kim Scheibel
Group Director

C. COA Flexitank Division
Update on COA Code of Practice
Chris Thornton
COA Flexitank Manager

Day 2 – Break-out Sessions Divisional Meetings and Working Groups
Development of Sustainable Flooring Solution
A presentation about the issues facing container shipping lines to develop a single, industry-wide, sustainable flooring solution was given by Frank Nachbar and Marc Weidemann.

Establishment of Container Depot Division
Mike Baldwin was the Chairman of the Meeting where the Container Depot Divison was formed. During the presentation, the issues that the Division will review were discussed and a PowerPoint was created

Establishment of COA Suppliers Division
A meeting of container equipment suppliers was moderated by Kim Scheibel. A number of topics for this Division were raised. A PowerPoint reviewing the discussion was prepared and can be downloaded

Flexitank Seminar
The COA Flexitank Seminar was presented by Chris Thornton, COA Flexitank Manager; and Peter Hartwig, Technical University of Dresden.

Welcome and Introduction
Flexitank growth & the need for the Code of Practice
Rail Impact Test: Status Report
Code of Practice Review: Testing of Flexitank Materials
Code of Practice Review: Incident Management, Insurance & Responsibilities
Controlling the cargoes that are shipped in flexitanks
Approaches in simulating Flexitank/Container interaction
Developing an International Standard for Flexitanks
Establishment of COA Flexitank Division