COA Webinar – Tuesday 13 July 2021

Waterborne Coatings for Reefer Containers

  • Focus on transition to the use of waterborne coatings
  • Update on status and changes that are taking place
  • Registration now open for COA Members

The next Container Owners Association Webinar will examine the changes* in the coatings being applied to refrigerated containers – and how these changes affect reefer owners.
Registration for the Webinar is now open.

The Webinar Agenda will cover:

  • The background and reasons for the transition to the use of waterborne coatings for reefer containers.
  • The status of the conversion process of the reefer production lines – the changes being undertaken in the factories.
  • The new reefer coatings systems and the testing that has been undertaken to ensure correct performance.

With two presentations – and time for questions and discussion – the Webinar is scheduled to last about one hour,


  • Reefer Manufacturer: CIMC – Speaker: Kevin Song, Technology & Customer Service Department
  • Coatings Provider: Dowill – Speaker: Fred Shi, Marketing General Manager


  • Tuesday 13 July 2021
  • 4am US Eastern Standard; 9am UK; 10am CET; 4pm China, Taiwan, Singapore; 5pm Korea, Japan


Further updates about the Webinar will be circulated in the next two weeks.
In the meantime, if you need further information, please contact