This month:

  • 23rd COA Members Meeting in Shanghai – May 2019
  • COA Flexitank meeting in Qingdao
  • 24th COA Members Meeting: Hamburg, Monday 4 November 2019
  • COA Container Pavilion at Intermodal Europe 2019 – Hamburg, 5-7 November 2019
  • COA Flexitank Meeting – Hamburg, 5 November 2019
  • COA Korea Regional Meeting
  • Container Coatings Work Group established
  • COA publishes “Guidelines for Container Telematics and Tracking Technology”
  • Cargo Worthy & SOC implementation progress
  • Replacement container floorboard in-depot testing

1. Successful COA Meeting in Shanghai

  • The COA held its 23rd COA Members Meeting in Shanghai at the end of May. With over 100 participants, the Meeting covered a wide range of COA projects.
  • A Report of the Meeting, including PDFs of the Presentations, can be found on the COA website. Click on this link: SHANGHAI

2. Flexitank meeting in Qingdao

  • The COA Shanghai Members Meeting was followed by a Flexitank meeting in Qingdao where many of the COA Flexitank manufacturers are situated.
  • Attended by 64 members, the conference agenda included: the COA quality management scheme, flexitanks for reefers and the environmental programme for recycling used flexitanks
  • It is proposed to set up a directory of global recycling companies equipped to handle flexitanks.
  • Rail impact test centre introduced the proposal to change the current COA rail impact test procedure to the internationally recognised United Nations manual of tests and criteria No. 41. The proposal will be developed over the coming months.
  • A report of this meeting including PDFs of the Presentations, can be found on the COA website. Click on this link: QINGDAO

3. 24th COA Members Meeting: Hamburg, Monday 4 November 2019

  • The next COA Members Meeting will take place at the Sofitel, Hamburg, on Monday 4 November 2019 (the day before Intermodal Europe)
  • The Conference Programme will include a number of COA projects and items, including:

– Developments in the Container Shipping and Manufacturing Industry
– Overview and Status of COA Industry Projects
– Report on the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) meeting
– IT/Telematics Work Group Members Meeting
– Container Coatings Work Group Meeting

  • The Event will conclude with a Networking Reception for all participants.
  • Registration will open later this month

4. Sponsors invited: COA Pavilion at Intermodal Europe (5-7 November 2019)

  • Intermodal Europe 2019 takes place in Hamburg from 5-7 November 2019 (Further information on
  • As in previous years, the COA will organise a Container Pavilion at the Exhibition, sponsored by Members.
  • There are many benefits of Sponsorship, including use of Meeting Rooms and a commercial presence at the event
  • If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Kate on for further information.

5. Next COA Flexitank Meeting –  Hamburg, Tuesday 5 November 2019

  • For those involved in flexitank shipping, the COA will be organising its next Flexitank Conference in Hamburg on the morning (10.00 to 13.00 hrs) of Tuesday 5 November 2019
  • The provisional agenda comprises the following topics:

– COA flexitank quality management scheme progress and developments
– Flexitank rail impact testing, UN manual of tests and criteria No. 41.
– Environment and life-cycle project
– Reefer & 40ft flexitanks

  • Participation will be free-of-charge for the first two participants of each COA Member company, with a fee for additional participants.
  • Registration will open next month.

6. Korea Regional Branch Meeting – Thursday 10 October 2019

  • The next COA Korea Regional Meeting will take place in Seoul on 10 October 2019. It will cover COA projects and activities
  • The Conference will be in Korean language.
  • For further information, please contact:

7. COA Container Coatings Work Group established

  • Following requests made at the recent COA Meeting in Shanghai, the COA is in the process of establishing a Container Coatings Work Group
  • Membership of the WG will be open to COA Members who are  suppliers of container coatings and container manufacturers
  • The aim of the WG is to prepare and disseminate information about coatings to COA Members.
  • A bi-annual report for COA Members, explaining the status of coating developments, will be published
  • To assist us with the development of this project, Members are asked to complete a survey – please use this link

8. COA publishes “Guide to Container Tracking and Telematics Technology”

  • The COA has published a “Guide to Container Tracking and Telematics Technology”, providing container operators, leasing companies and other relevant stakeholders with an overview of the technology issues that they might face, and the choices that are available to them
  • To download the Guide, go to the COA website – click here: TELEMATICS TECHNOLOGY

9. Criteria for CargoWorthy & SOC

  • An objective of the COA Criteria for CargoWorthy (CCW) is to facilitate a uniform and safe approach for the use of traded one/way containers.
  • SOC (Shipper Owned Container) acceptance criteria enables  efficient use of CWW containers
  • Proposals to develop SOC acceptance uniformity are underway.
  • For further information or to contribute to the Work Group,  please contact:

10. Reminder: COA Guidelines for in-depot testing of replacement container floorboards – available on the website

  • The COA has published Guidelines for in-depot testing of replacement floorboards for containers
  • This technical document describes a test procedure designed to be undertaken within a depot to assess that replacement floor boards conform to the required specification for use in the repair of ISO Dry Freight General Purpose containers.
  • At the Shanghai meeting members who had implemented the test indicated 30% of replacement floor materials did not meet the specified criteria.
  • Floor damage is a high cost repair item and the guidelines are intended to facilitate safe and reliable repairs.
  • For further information, please contact:
  • To view the Guidelines, click on this link: IN-DEPOT FLOORBOARDS