Flexitank Quality List – FQL

The Flexitank Quality List provides information to COA Carriers (Shipping Lines) for use as may be required part of their risk assessment process.

Flexitank members that demonstrate conformance with the COA Code of Practice are awarded the COA Quality Conformance (see Table 1).

The COA Flexitank Code of Practice details requirements of flexitank manufacture, operation and the requirements of the quality conformance scheme.

Conformance with the quality scheme is demonstrated by the flexitank company undergoing independent audits and tests

The CQC is required for each manufacturing factory. Some companies operate more than one factory.

The CQC is required for each flexitank type. Some companies supply more than one type of flexitank.

The dates recorded on the FQL refer to the expiry date of the audit

The CQC is not issued in document form. Companies requiring a document should download the FQL.

A Manufacturer is defined as a company that manufactures flexitanks (Code of Practice COA V6-M) Some manufacturer’s also provide operations of their flexitanks

An Operator is a company, independent of the manufacturer, that supplies and or provides logistics services for flexitanks that have been manufactured by a holder of the CQC (COA Code Practice V6-O)

An operator meeting the requirements of Code of Practice V6-O, is required to supply only flexitanks manufactured by the company detailed in the column – “Flexitank Type”

Table 1 – Holders of COA Quality Conformance
Table 1 lists COA member companies that achieved the COA Quality Conformance (CQC)

Table 2 – Part completion
Table 2 lists COA member companies that have completed some of the CQC process A blank entry indictes the outstanding quality audit items
COA members are not awarded the CQC until such time all requirements are met

COA Member Directory – access from COA website
All flexitank members are entered into the COA Members Directory including those in Table 1, Table 2 and other companies that have not commenced COA quality conformance scheme

TABLE 1 – Members that achieved the COA Quality Conformance (CQC)

CompanyFactory LocationClassificationCOA Quality ConformanceFlexitank TypeContainer TypeISO 9001 Quality Management SystemEnvironment Management SystemInstallation & Training ManualFlexitank Production Materials TestRail impact Test
Bertling FHSavedalen, 43361 SwedenOperator of FHB Qingdao GlobalCQCFHB 2x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1Intertek DBY 0141760 07.2022Intertek DBY 011760 07.2022LR 37263879770 09.2023QGBL - SGS 20200016-2 06.2023TuV 717521281 09.2025
BPS LogisticsKochi 682021 IndiaManufacturerCQCBPS 43kg 4xlayer+sleeve 20ft 22G1UKC 052212
UK 1052212
UKC 12142205a
UKC 12142205b
CRCC W0089
Braid ProFlexBraid Proflex Zhondong, PR ChinaOperator of ProflexCQCProflex
4x layer+sleeve 24k
20ft 22G1 SGS 01043.00 09.2023Bsi EMS 696788 11.2021SGS 2000141 04-2023SGS 2000142 04-2023CRRC- W0-245
Bulk Liquid SolutionsBangalore 566091, IndiaManufacturerCQCBLS
4x layer+sleeve 46kg 24k
20ft 22G1 LMS 83525A 09.2021GIC 716859
LMS 81895Ua 02.2024LMS 81895Ub 02.2024JGZX-FL-2017-1203 12.2022
Bulkliner LogisticsThammanam Kerala, 682032, IndiaManufacturerCQCBulkliner
4x layer+sleeve 24k 42Kg
20ft 22G1UKC 2021041204 04.2024UKC 2021041205 04.2024UKG 12142206a 05.2024UKG 12142206b 05.2024CRCC W0088 05.2026
Buscherhoff SolutionsSteinfeld, 49439, GermanyManufacturerCQCBuscherhoff 4x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1DQS 005292 03.2021Ecovadis 04.2021DQS 5292KB 07.2021DQS AZ005292 12.2021TuV 717514601 01.2024
Gaoqing AnthenteZibo City, Shandong PR ChinaManufacturerCQCAnthente 4x layer +2x sleeve 56kg 24k20ft 22G1NAO 1828321 10.2021NOA 20100980 04.2023SGS 200013.2 01.2023SGS 200013.1 01.2023JGZX 2017 0905 09.2022
Hillebrand KunshanKunshan 201533, PR ChinaManufacturerCQC4x layer + sleeve 24k40ft 42G1CQC Q3790 11.2022BV414684M 09.2021SGS 20210020-1
SGS 20210020-2
TCCI CFR2668 11.2022
Hillebrand KunshanKunshan 201533, PR ChinaManufacturerCQC1x layer GB240 24k 52kg20ft 22G1CQC Q3790 11.2022BV414684M 09.2021SGS 20210020-2
SGS 20210020-1
TCCI CFR2671 12.2022
Hillebrand KunshanKunshan 201533, PR ChinaManufacturerCQCTB240 2x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1CQC Q3790 11.2022BV414684M 09.2021SGS 20210020-2
SGS 20210020-1
TCCI CFR2669 11.2022
Hillebrand KunshanKunshan 201533, PR ChinaManufacturerCQCTB240 4x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1CQC Q3790 11.2022BV414684M 09.2021SGS 20210020-2
SGS 20210020-1
TCCI CFR2670 11.2022
Hoyer Global Powertex APJalan Kapar, Klang 42100, MalaysiaOperator of PowertexCQCPowertex 1x layer 56kg 24k 20ft 22G1 BV MY008523
DNV-GL 412458 02.2024LRQ 4402142 01.2024LRQ 4402138 04.2024JGZX-FL-2017-0601 06.2022
Infinity Bulk LogisticsKlang, 42920, MalaysiaManufacturerCQCPIBL
4x layer+sleeve 41kg 24k
20ft 22G1LR 10158404 01.2022LR 10339820 01.2024LR 4170174 01.2024LR 4095464 01.2024JGZX-FL-2017-0501 05.2022
Liquatrans Likua Cekmekoy, Instanbul 34794, TurkeyManufacturerCQCT-Flex - harness 24k
2x layer+sleeve 76kg
40ft 42G1BQC 1.11354 02.2023BQC 2.1135 02.2023BQC
TCCI CFRA2662 11.2021
Liquatrans Likua Cekmekoy, Istanbul 34794, TurkeyManufacturerCQCE-Flex harness 24k
2x layer+sleeve 62kg
20ft 22G1BQC 1.11354 02.2023BQC 2.1135 02.2023BQC
TCCI CFRA2673 04.2023
MY FlexitankSungai, Petani, 08000 MalaysiaManufacturerCQCMY. 2x layer + sleeve20ft 22G1EQ.IMS 190239 06.2022Care 3206100 03.2023LR 3736658 06.2023LR. 3736644 06.2023CRCT W0094 05.2024
Neoflex Logistics ServicesKemalpaşa 35733, Izmir,TurkeyManufacturerCQCNEOC 4x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1URS 55837 04.2022TRB DE.EC.1755 10.2021URS
JGZX-FL-2019-0301 03.2024
Optimus Solutions
Klang 41200, MalaysiaOperator of InfinityCQCIBL, 4 x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1LR 10339821 01.2022LR 10339821 03.2024LR 638942A.2 01.2024LR 638942A.1 01.2024JGZX-FL-2017-0701 07.2022
Philton Polythene ConvertersEssex SS80PQ UK ManufacturerCQCFlexi24-2B
2x layer+sleeve 39kg 24k
20ft 22G1SGS 962555 12.2021SGS 967244 11.2023SGS 2389361
SGS 2389362
JGZX-FL-2019-1212 12.2024
Plastene IndiaGandhidham 370201 Gujaret, IndiaManufacturerCQCPearlbro 4x layer +sleeve 46kg 24k20ft 22G1GGCS 090801 09.2020PSA 1219-5544 12.2022PSA 005 1219-5545 12.2022PSA 1219-5545 12.2022TCCI F1-19-16 11.2021
Qingdao ADA FlexitankHetao, Qingdao 266000, PR ChinaManufacturerCQCADA 4x layer + sleeve 24k20 ft 22G1UKAS-C 10660470
SGS 0009-1
SGS 0009-2
JGZX-FL-2017-1101 11.2022
Qingdao BBLChengyang, Qingdao 266100 PR ChinaManufacturerCQCBBL 4x + sleeve + straps20ft 22G1Seatone 00521R 05.2023Sch.SGS 20190010.2 06.2022SGS 20190010.1 06.2022JGZX-FL-2018 1101 11.2023
Qingdao BLTXi Fu Town, Qingda. PR ChinaManufacturerCQCBLT 4x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1Intertek 111807002 09.2021Seatone E10883R 10.2022SGS 900111 12.2022SGS 900112 12.2022JGZX-FL-2017-0301 03.2022
Qingdao GFL Global Flexitank Yanghe, Qingdao 266320, PRCManufacturerCQC GFL 4x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1BSI FM661826 02.2023Seatone E00345 06.2023SGS 20200016-1 06.2023SGS 20200016-2 06.2023JGZX FL-2017 0101 01.2022
Qingdao HengxinJimo, Qingdao 2662, PR ChinaManufacturerCQCHengxin HX TLBD 3x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1ZRX 3713SD-002 03.2023ZRX 1846SD002 03.2023SGS 20200015.1 06.2023SGS 20200015.1 06.2023JGZU-FL-2017-1102 12.2022
Qingdao JierongHuangdao, Qingdao, 266400 PRCManufacturerCQCJierong
2x layer+sleeve 24k
20ft 22G1Seatone 455R0S 04.2023Seatone 249R0S 04.2023SGS
20200018-2 10.2023
CCRC W0335 01.2026
Qingdao LAF TechnologyTongi, Jimo, 266228, PR ChinaManufacturerCQCLAF 4x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1CQC R3M.37000
CQC ROM-3700 06.2023SGS 20210317
SGS 20210324
JGZX-FL-2016-1001 10.2021
Qingdao LET FlexitankChengyan, Qingdao, PRCManufacturerCQC LET 4x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1SGS CN12.10115 04.2024Intertek 121911016 01.2023SGS 900015-1
SGS 900015-1 01.2023JGZX-FL-2017-0904 09.2022
Qingdao PRDTongi Town, Qingdao PRCManufacturerCQCPRD 4x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1SGS CN16-10477 05.2022CNAS 20013ROS 02.2023SGS 20170007-1 09.2020SGS 20170007-2 09. 2020JGZX-FL-2017-0302 03.2022
Qingdao SF ShuangFanChengyang, Qingdao, 266109, PRCManufacturerCQCSF 4x layer +. sleeve, 42Kg, 24k20ft 22G1BSI 661826 03.2022Seatone 19419E 12.2022SGS 2020019.2 11.2023SGS 2020019.1 11.2023JGZX-FL-2020-0901 09.2025
Qingdao TongsenTong Ji, Jimo, Qingdao, PRCManufacturerCQCTongsen 4x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1ST Q20396 04.2021Sch. 06.2020SGS 80002-1 11.2021SGS 80002.2 11.2021JGZX-FL-2017-0903 09.22
Rishi FIBC SolutionsNanjaanged, Mysore, 571301, IndiaManufacturerCQCRishi 4x layer +sleeve 24k20ft 22G1Intertek 0039070-1 12.2021Intertek 0039661 01.2022BSI 722131 03.2023BSI 722131 03.2023CFRA 2667
Shandong LPLLongkou City, Shandong, 265700 PRCManufacturerCQCLP
4x layer+sleeve 24k
20ft 22G1LAJ 201720Q010 05.2023LAJ 201720E004 05.2023SGS
Shandong PGFWeifang City, 262400 PRCManufacturerCQCPGF 4x layer + sleeve 40kg 24k20ft 22G1SGS 10418Q21229 05.2022Seatone 374ROS. 05.2023SGS 2019.00009.1 05.2022SGS 2019.00009.2 05.2022JGZX-FL-2019-0401 04.2024
Trust FlexitanksTarragona, 43120, SpainManufacturerCQCTrust 2x layer + sleeve 24k20ft 22G1BV-ES120449.1
BV ES048332.2 02.2023BV ES064325-1 10.2023BV ES064325-1 10.2023JGZX-FL-2017-1201 12.2022
Yantai HuihengLongku, Yantai, PRCManufacturerCQC4x layer + sleeve 41kg 24k20ft 22G1XCC 277ROS 11.2022Seatone E10961 11.2022SGS 19001221 12.2022SGS 1900122 12.2022JGZX-FL-2019-1201 12.2024

TABLE 2 – Members that meet part of the requirements of COA Quality Conformance

CompanyLocationClassificationCOA Quality ConformanceFlexitank TypeContainer TypeISO 9001 Quality Management SystemISO 14001 Environmental Management SystemInstallation & Training ManualFlexitank Production Materials TestRail impact Test
Bornit s.r.oBranka, 74741 Czech RepublicManufacturerBornit, 2x layer +WPP 24k20 ft 22G1TuV 12901311 02.2023TuV 13029037 03.2023TuV 13029037 03.2023TuV 717518135 12.2023
Braid Logistic UK Renfrew, Scotland, PA4 8YUOperator4x layer + sleeve20ft 22G1Bsi EMS 654823 01.2023Proflex UK
Braid Proflex Packaging UKStockton, TS179JY UKManufacturer4x layer + sleeve20ft 22G1Bsi FM593410 10.2022Bsi EMS654823
SGS 235751 11.2022SGS 235751 11.2022
CAC SAMaipu 5522, Mendoza, ArgentinaManufacturerBV AR0237266 02.2022
GuangZhou Wei YiLiwan, Guanghzou, PRCManufacturerGuangzhou 4x layer +sleeve, 0.125m 43kg20ft 22G1CQC ROS3700 03.2024JGZX-FL-2021-0401 04.2026
Hillebrand Sth AfricaEpping, 7420, South AfricaManufacturerRhino single & multi layer20ft 22G1Dekra 80307249.5 03.2022Dekra 170418066.1 06.2022
LSM FlexPackCordoba Mendoza 137-X2566ATM, ArgentinaOperator of LSM (LAF flexitanks)LAF ( LSM) 4x layer + sleeve 24k20 ft 22G1DNV-GL 191109 valid 09.2021JGZX-FL-2018-1001 10.2023
ONE FlexitankPenang, 10400, MalaysiaManufacturerOneflexi 2x + sleeve 24k20 ft 22G1JGZX-FL-2018-1201 12.2023
Orientco BolianSingaporeManufacturerBolian GuangzhouSGS CN18.31153 08.2021
Qingdao TongshuaiChengyang, Qingdao, PR ChinaManufacturerTonshuai 4x layer + sleeve, 46kg 24k20 ft 22G1JGZX-FL-2017-0906 09.2022
Qingdao ZhongxiangZhongxiang, Jimo, ChinaManufacturerZhongxiang 4x layer + sleeve + 3x circ-straps 24k20 ft 22G1JGZX-FL-2017-1105 11.2022
SIA FlexitanksCo. Donegal, IrelandOperatorHengxin (SIA) TLBD Flexitank 24cbmJCZX-FL-2017-1104 12.2022

Company – Full title, address and web site is provided in the COA Members’ Directory.

COA Member Confirmation – A receipt to confirm that the annual COA membership fee has been paid.

COA Member Compliance Certificate (CQC) – Awarded to members that complete the four audits and declaration required by Code of Practice V5. The CQC is not issued in document form. Refer to the FQL.

Factory Location – Manufacturers might operate more than one factory. Operators are required to supply flexitanks only from the named manufacturer and factory. Audits and tests relate only to the production in the reported factory.

ISO 9001 Quality Management – Auditor and validity date.

PAS 1008:2016 Material test – Auditor and validity date. Valid for 3 years except where there is a variation in design as defined by PAS 1008:2016.

Installation, operating and training instruction manual – Auditor and validity date. Valid for 3 years except where there is a variation in design.

Environmental Management – Audit and validity date.

Flexitank model – The production design/type used for the rail impact test. Manufacturers might supply a range of flexitank models. If more than one model is manufactured and tested, it will be shown on a separate line of FQL.

Flexitank Material Type and Thickness – The specified material type, thickness and mass of the tested flexitank.

Restraining system – Construction dimensions and mass of the rear door bulkhead or harness used for the rail impact test.

Container – Type, tare mass and wall thickness.

Rail Impact Test Report – Report no, validity date. PAS 1008:2016 Rail impact tests are valid for 5 years except where there is a variation in design as defined by PAS 1008:2016.

You can however download the FQL as a PDF document here: Flexitank Quality  List – Container Owners Association