Re-designed version published today (English and Chinese)

A re-designed version of the COA’s “Code of Practice for Flexitank Container Systems” is published today.
The new edition (TG-07) is available in both English and Chinese languages.

To download the document, click on this link:
COA TG07 Code of Practice Flexitank systems Chinese October 2021
COA TG07 Code of Practice Flexitank Systems English October 2021

TG-07 immediately supersedes the previous versions of the Flexitank Code of Practice.

The new Edition:

  • Is published in an updated, professional, design format – for ease of reading
  • Incorporates Member feedback to clarify existing provisions
  • Combines the existing CoP V6 M (Manufacturer) and V6 O (Operator) versions into a single document
  • Gives procedural explanations to auditors – in order to provide a consistent approach
  • Gives details of flexitank design reference marking
  • Updates references to CQC (COA Quality Conformance) and FQL (Flexitank Quality List)