COA CEDEX Syntax for Dry Freight Containers

  • Release 1.0 available to view
  • Demonstration Webinar on 24 October 2023

The Container Owners Association is pleased to announce that the COA CEDEX Working Group has completed the CEDEX Syntax for Dry Freight Containers.

This means that the COA CEDEX Syntax Release 1.0 for 20ft and 40 ft dry freight containers is now available for the industry.

  1. CEDEX Syntax Release 1.0 available to view

To access the relational database – which is holding the codes – click on this link:
After a “one-time” registration, the latest version of the Syntax will always be available. The data can be accessed, free-of-charge, as either a CSV flat file or via an API connection.

Full information about the project is available on the CEDEX ADMINISTRATION FACILITY page of the COA Website.
A Bulletin with detailed explanations on the Syntax is also available. Click on:  COA CEDEX BULLETIN.

  1. CEDEX Syntax Demonstration Webinars on Tuesday 24 October 2024

The COA will be organising Webinars, using Zoom, to demonstrate and explain the Syntax.

The Webinars will take place on 24 October 2023.
To meet international time zones, the two Webinars will take place at 09:00 CEST and 17:00 CEST.

Registration is free-of-charge – but you will need to pre-register to attend the Webinars.

  • To register for the 09:00 CEST Webinar on 24 October, click on this link: COA CEDEX 09:00
  • To register for the 17:00 CEST Webinar on 24 October, click on this link: COA CEDEX 17:00
  1. Comments and Questions welcome

In the meantime, the COA workgroup would be happy to receive your comments and questions.
Please send them to: